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An Overview of Literacy Instruction in Trauma Sensitive Schools

This inquiry cycle provides foundational information on stress, adversity and trauma in schools.  In exploring the connection these experiences have to brain science, educators can better set conditional for learning in all classrooms.  The use of trauma-sensitive practices and social emotional learning in schools will help create a community of care and academic press to ensure students are available for high-levels of learning.  Throughout the inquiry cycle, practical application and implementation ideas will be explored.  

The Learning Sessions

This learning series is designed to explore the relationship between behavior and learning.  We will dive into the complexity of creating a culture where all students are available for learning.  Research on Brain and Neuroscience will provide foundations for classroom practices that lead to impact. Focusing on healthy student development will ensure educators’ efforts result in learning and achievement.   Each session is design for approximately a 45 minute block of time. Additional activities and resources are provided if additional time is available.  A facilitator’s guide is available for each session and contains suggestions for enhancing the learning experience.

Each session includes:

  • An opportunity at beginning of session to report on actions taken between session
  • Specific recommendations for family/community engagement/
  • Discussion/Recommendation/Reading or Viewing Options for Diverse Learners (ELL; special education) and how this body of work accommodates or supports them.
  • Optional:  Extension activities or “going deeper”.  

These tools were created as part of the Literacy Improvement in Rural Education through Collaboration (LIREC) project funded by the U.S. Department of Education