How We Help

We provide the tools and supports to help schools and districts build professional learning systems that support comprehensive, sustainable improvement in literacy teaching and learning.

Needs ASsessment Planning

We assess your system’s literacy capacity against national benchmarks and high performing schools in order to identify professional development needs

Professional Development

We support the implementation of effective literacy practices through online resource modules and facilitation of collaborative learning for teachers and instructional leadership teams.

Instructional Leadership Development

We build the capacity of instructional leaders to design, lead, and monitor effective professional learning.

Summer Learning Labs

We design and coach local leaders in a summer lab setting that will engage students and teachers in deep literacy learning, building momentum for sustainable shifts in school wide literacy practices.

Onsite Consulting and virtual coaching

Our teacher professional development and instructional leadership supports work through a cost-effective blend of on-site facilitation, online learning modules, and virtual coaching.

Grant Support & Program Evaluation

Our expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods helps you develop solid grant applications and collect evidence of what is working in implementation and what can be improved. We specialize in developing logic models for school improvement initiatives and creating data collection instruments and systems you can learn from and use for external reporting needs.

Needs assessment Planning

In order to support you in developing a systemic plan to improve literacy achievement, we use an asset based needs assessment process to examine the organizational capacity, professional development structures, and literacy practices in your system.  Site visits, focus groups, and interviews are supported by the LOCI Inventory that helps schools and districts benchmark their current levels of specific literacy capacity assets against national averages and examine high capacity indicators. This serves as the foundation for our support of your leadership team in designing and monitoring a capacity-driven professional learning plan.  See a sample school/district LOCI needs assessment report.  

Professional Development

Our PD resources on core literacy practices are provided in 6-8 week cycles of blended professional learning combining online inquiry cycles on specific topics with coaching from teacher leaders, including teachers who worked with the practices during Summer Lab. Inquiry Cycles are structured using the Gradual Release of Responsibility learning approach, in which teachers learn through robust Modeling, Guided Practice, and finally Independent Practice back in the classroom.

Instructional Leadership Development

We work with instructional leadership teams (including administrators, teachers, and coaches) to use our bench marking tool and a range of other data to develop a data-based improvement plan.  Our process helps teams choose specific areas of focus for literacy capacity development, identify the professional learning investments needed to get there, and develop measures to track progress.

Our inquiry cycles for instructional leaders provide supported practice in leading with data, coaching and mentoring (especially new teachers) and leading effective PD.

SuMmer Learning

The Summer Learning Lab model combines literacy enrichment for students with opportunities for teachers to engage in short-cycle experimentation with and feedback on effective practices. During the mornings, teachers work with small groups of students, developing target literacy practices with the support of a coach and peer observers.  In the afternoons teachers and coach meet together to debrief morning instruction, engage in professional learning, and plan collaboratively for the following day.  Summer Lab also includes a substantial Family Literacy Engagement strand.  These intensive experiences give staff supported practice in implementing effective practices, building confidence and momentum for scaling them up during the school year.


Our teacher professional development and instructional leadership supports work through a cost-effective blend of on-site facilitation, online learning modules, and virtual coaching.


The core of a strong grant application is a solid logic model for the proposed intervention. We work with grant applicants to build logic models that are rooted in sound research on effective practices while also being connected to the specific needs and assets of their system. Our facilitation process builds shared understanding around program goals and the proposed strategies to achieve them. We provide literature reviews tied to your proposal that meet federal and other evidence standards. We also develop performance measures and full evaluation plans for grant applications.

Our program evaluation services meet all grant reporting needs while also providing the formative feedback systems need to learn from and improve program implementation. We have extensive experience building custom parent, student, and teacher surveys, analyzing achievement and other administrative data, and conducting focus groups, case studies, and other forms of in-depth qualitative research.